Nothing new in the model horse world, I haven't been painting, and I sent (gave) my apoxie to a friend who is really excelling in using it.  When she becomes famous, she better remember who gave it to her!! :P

I didn't get to drive around Daytona, they wouldn't allow convertibles, and that is what we were going to drive.  So I had to watch from the sidelines of Chris, Desmond, and Alex drive around having a grand ole time.  Jealous is an understatement, I was envious. Here is the car while it was getting it's fluids checked and a nice new oil change.
2003 BMW M3
My friends, Jay and Amber, got married.  Chris was in the wedding, and boy did he look sexy!  We were able to drive the BMW to St. Augustine, which was a shock!  It drove excellent, and we really booked it on the highway.  (No over 100, don't worry) The wedding was small and on the beach, but it was fun none the less.  We caught up with Jay's really cute brother, Joe, and have plans to go see Jay and Amber after the baby arrives, shes preggo.  Actually, we might go before Chris heads up to Ohio, but who knows.
My sexy man!
Not sure why he has a powty face..
I have never really had an actual lesson.  Nor can I properly walk, trot, canter.  According to Marjory, I am a complete beginner.  Which, I really think I am.  I fell on Tuesday, ouch, off a thoroughbred who was probably a good 5.5 HH.  It hurt, but after I had some water I got right back on and was riding excellent.  Hes an amazing horse, he'll trot on when you ask, and he won't stop until you tell him to.  So for once, I actually had a change to practice on riding and didn't have to worry about the horse stopping or going into the center of the arena.  I was working on leaning back, because I lean wayyyy too forward.  Marj threatened to record me, because then I would see how bad I looked (she said it in a nice way).  I wanted to do that actually! She has totally high hopes for me and Liam, and I feel as if we make a really great pair.  Here is his picture, so you can put a face to a name :)
Hes a little bit sabino!
Now updates from the QH barn -- I worked with Raven today.  He hasn't been ridden or worked with in over two years.  His owner fell off and broke L21,22,23 (spine) or something along those lines, and just hasn't been back on.  I brushed Raven down and we walked over to the round pin.  He snorted most of the time and exercised himself.  I was a little nervous, because I've been with this horse three times, and I don't know if he charges or what when he gets excited.  He bucked a happy buck and reared a little happy rear when I told him to trot on.  Very cute!  After that I set down the halter (he was naked) and opened my arms to him.  He didn't come to me until I turned my back. After that, I he followed me so close I thought he was going to walk over me!  Decker did the same thing first time I worked him, and it felt SO GOOD to have yet another horse trust me again.  I don't have this connection at Marj's, I just get on the horse she tells me to and does what she says.  Here I can create a bond, and really get him to know who I am and to trust me before I just hop on and go.  I decided not to put Raven's halter back on when I was done playing follow the leader in the round pin, and wondered if he would follow me around the pasture and away from the barn (it's like one huge property with the barn and round pin and everything in one big area, horses have free roam all over the place.)  So I wasnt surprised when it looked like he was following me to the barn, but when I turned to walk back to the round pin, he followed me!  I was like, NO WAY!  I walked around in another circle, and started towards the barn.  When we came to a fence, I stopped because I didn't want to be pinned between him and the corner or the fence, and as soon as his butt passed me, he took off galloping for the barn.  Sortof like I "excused him from work".  Chris hollered "What happened?!" because all he heard was galloping hooves, and I just responded he took off!  The owner of the property, the horses owner's sister, was watching from the fence, and she saw everything and remarked that she was very impressed.  When I said he followed me around the pasture and round pin and I was shocked, her BF who was standing there didn't believe me!  I didn't take a picture of him, but I have a picture of PJ, a donkey.
Thanks for reading!!! <3
I just love CSI. My favorite is Vegas.  I love Nick Stokes is the most sexy person on the show, but it also has some good stories.  :)

I'm adding 9th to the equine resin directory, I love that website!

When my horses get home from Susan's, I am going to rephotograph them in the garden, and make the photos all the same.  Like a copyright type of thing.

Sorry for a short update, but I wanted to say something.

Also, its so funny how some people won't accept gifts.   Well, I won't accept money.  END OF STORY. PERIOD.
I've been sick for about.. two weeks now?  I am exhausted and drained, from working every night on my feet as well as drained from coughing to the point of vomiting, and a sniffly nose that just puts the cherry on top.  I asked for tonight off, but even tho they are training a waitress, they don't have one to work for me tonight. It doesn't make sence.  I really need this night to rest, make that, I really need this weekend to rest.  Jay and Amber are getting married on Sunday at 11, so I hope to be a little less stuffy for that.

On a happier note, we got a new washer finally. and now I can do my wash and finish cleaning my room!  I haven't done laundry in probably a week and a half, and I want my nice clean clothes!

I inherited a new horse!  His name is Down Right Talented, and it he belonged to Kate before he came to be for proxy showing one session.  I have a soft spot for paints, just model paints, because my real favorite horse color is shimmery bay.  So I told Kate I totally loved him, and after a while he ended up mine.  I wanted to give her more poofs for him, but she declined.  I'll probably end up giving her the apoxie I sent her, because shes a lot better at it then I am!

Well, I am gunna get off the computer.. I don't want to fall asleep but I probably will.
Chris and I entered Robey and Lola into the Hamster Ball Derby hosted by PETCO once a year.  We were doing good, but when it came time to race everyone was screaming, which isn't what you do around small animals. One mouse totally froze and was terrified!  Lola placed second in one race, and Robey didn't even finish one race because she wouldn't run away from me (lol).  The little boy who had a Robo won first, which I felt he deserved.  Well, here are some pictures! :D
Another addition! <3