Last night was so. much. fun.  I was Poison Ivy and Chris was the Riddler.  At the party there were two Batmen and Batwomen, Barf (from spaceballs), Avatar, GEICO GECKO, Billy Mayes, and just so many others that made everything even more funnier when your tipsy.  I had glitter on my custume, and if you saw Casey's house, you could know exactly where I was because there was a pile of glitter.  Photos coming soon, I left them at home and I'm up with Chris.

On another note, I'm not that hungover, but I do have a headache.
Shes burrowed next to my leg, and I thought I would update my blog!

I guess Halloween was changed to Saturday instead of Sunday?  I don't know, but oru costumes are finished and we are SO ready to show them off!  I have a feeling we are going to be the best ones at the party this year.  I am so ready to let loose tonight.  Especially after yesterdays work problem..

I was laid off.  My boss is a complete idiot: out of five people who make money for the CPA firm, only three make an income.  Which would be my sister, me, and Boss.  He decides to lay me off.  Ugh, I was in absolute tears yesterday.  I received my last paycheck and left.  I wish he would have given me a heads up, seriously, because now its the weekend and all the clinics I would have called to inquire.  I'll file for unemployment, but that might not help me at all.

Oh well, I have a couple models I could sell to help get some money, and my parents told me I could ask them for help if I need it.  I have $300 to my name and I need to save it!

Will post pictures after the hangover recovery
I’ve decided to have a serious Blog now.  Its just going to be something in general, about models, about life, about Decker, school, anything I feel like I want some input on.  Its kind of funny how I’m starting this today, I’m at work bored as hell, and I’m hiding a word document in the corner of my screen in case my boss comes walking by.

When I started working here, things were great, I work with my sister as well, and I wasn’t seeing much of her because she was bombarded with working so much.  So we have some good sisterly bonding in the same office.   My boss, ECD I’ll call him, is a fantastic boss, really laid back.  Working in a CPA office isn’t where I want to be, I’d rather be on the beach that I stare at from my window everyday, but its good pay so I just suck it up.  Well now, ECD’s mom who worked for him in Michigan has come down, and its like it’s a concentration camp.  My sister and I are the workhorses, making the money for the company since were in the bookkeeping part of this company.  Hes losing a ton of money having his mother work here not making any billable time.  Ugh, I don’t want to get started so I’ll just move on..

HALLOWEEN!!  I am so excited for the party.  Chris and I are going to be.. villans.. we can’t tell yet, because its going to be a surprise!  But were making our costumes, I’ll put up pictures when were done.  ;)

I miss Decker, I haven’t seen him in two weeks, poor boy, and I should just go out there and say hello to him.  Jess isn’t being very cooperative, I’m suppose to let her know when I’m coming out, and she says OK or something, but she hasn’t been answering my texts.  Sandra, from Health, is going to teach me how to jump, I am SO EXCITED beyond anything. We are pretty much exactly the same: boyfriends, horse lovers, not many girl friends because of drama, love cars, go getters.. I’m excited for this friendship to finally become an actual friendship.  We haven’t hung out yet, but I’m hoping shes going to come by Caseys on Saturday, hopefully I don’t be smashed.

Ya, I underage drink, but just by ONE year (I’m 20) and I will NOT drive that night.  Theres going to be too many people out and about and I just don’t feel like getting hurt. My parents house is about 5 minutes away, so I might have them come get Chris and I from the party.  He doesn’t like staying places, so we’ll just head to my house instead of his (30 minutes away)

In Model Horse News: I have THREE new proxies! I am so excited, more horseies to drool over!  I’ve received a friends horses, and her minimal sabino and appaloosa make me wonder why I torture myself like this. This proxy business is really hitting off, and I’m hoping there will be more then only three shows I can attend.  I feel odd charging for a service, but I just can’t swing paying for gas, hotel, entry fees, yadda yadda on my own.  I very much appreciate everyone being so nice with accepting my fees. You guys are THE BEST! I didn’t think this whole proxy thing would really take off, but turns out, it is!  I have a total of 6 clients. Whoot!

Well, that’s all for my first blog, I ran out of things to talk about!