My life, in a slide show.

I am a lifetime local of Daytona Beach.  I am a full time student at Daytona State College where I am perusing my AA degree in general education then getting my DVM at Florida State University.  My first hobby was collecting and showing models, but since I have started to fade out.  I like automobiles, especially Porsche, and am an avid follower of GrandAm. :)

I was never lucky enough to be able to own my own horse.  I have had many opportunities to lease a horse, like Ricky pictured in the slide show, and numerous others.  Until I met Jessica and Anita at Cross Country Acres.  In turn for help taking care of the 15 or so horses they had, I was able to bond with one who wasn't ridden a lot named Decker.  He is the only horse that knew I was a beginner, and he was trained for an advanced rider, but is very patient with me.  He is always understanding that I would need to hold the saddle at times, and although he had the bumpy trot that Morgans are known for, I never fell off.  In 2008, Cross Country Acres has closed down and Jessica moved the horses to her home property.  I attempted to see Decker again the first half of 2010, but things didn't work out.  He seemed different, like he lost that spirit that made me fall in love with him in the first place. I rode a Quarter Horse named JD around the end of 2010, he was 30 minutes away but just down the street from my exboyfriend at the time, so I saw him whenever I could.  I cantered bareback on him for the first time, and it was pretty fun.  He really takes care of his rider, just like Decker did for me. Now, I am helping a two private barns.  One is full of young Warmbloods and the other has two quarter horses.  The "Sport Horse Barn", I like to call it, is literally my dream.  The horses that are there are the kinds that i would love to have when I get older; Holsteiner, Trakehner, Rhinelander, ect.  My favorite is Tia, we had a close moment when I was filling up her water bucket after a long and hard run from acting up during her lesson.  I am taking lessons on Lasco, a beautiful chestnut thoroughbred.  He is also one of the better horses I have ever had the pleasure to ride.

I have been collecting Breyer Horses since I was around 15, and I started buying and selling models as soon as I signed up for my own debit card and Paypal account.  My first model was Banjo, and my second was Tonto's Scout.  Heck i think my third and fourth were Succession and LeFire and my fifth was Joe Bailey's King.  I started getting serious with showing in 2008, and has started a show string this past year. I only have around 15 show quality plastics and three Artist Resins, nothing huge that takes up all my walls, but I am still proud of my collection.  I have begun customizing, more like ruining, but it is slowly coming along.  I attempted my first major resculpt, and its nothing to be proud of.. But we all start somewhere!

I am a big traveler.  I love to just go for a drive with no destination in mind, even thought that doesn't happen very often with gas prices out the roof. I have been to Oahu, Hawaii with family (the best trip I have ever made) and New York City; Springfield, New Jersey; Hershey, Penn; Indianapolis, Indiana.. I went on the Carnival Dream December 2009, and it was a blast!  We went down to Mexico and the Mediterranean. I will go on another Carnival in a heartbeat.  Next summer we want to go on another cruise, but I don't know where we will go.

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