Helping those around the world get their models shown!

Upcoming shows I will be attending - Region 6

Hollow Horse Live
August 27, 2011
Cumming, Georgia!

Current Possible Proxies! (Listed if they've made contact with me)
1. Jenny (Confirmed!)
2. Amanda (Confirmed!)
3. Susan (Confrimed!)
4. Katelyn (Confirmed!)
5. Meghann (Pending)
6. Spot Available!
7. Spot Available!
8. Spot Available!
9. Spot Available!
10. Spot Available!

Notes about the show:
:D  My best friend, Issy, will be going to the show with me.
:D  I will be making a road trip for this, since I live in Florida and the show is in Georgia.
:D  I will be staying overnight.
:D Proxy fee is $15.

**I am only going to list shows that have been NAMHSA approved and have a confirmed show date. **

Terms and Conditions!

Arrival Process

Upon arrival of your horses, I will take them out of the box and check to make sure they made it here safely.  I’ll photograph the horses for documentation purposes, photos can be emailed to you if you’d like, and they will be wrapped and put back into your box until I start getting the horses in order closer to the show date. They will reside in my office room until they are ready to be mailed home.  I do not have a limit on how many horses you can send to me. I will take notes of possible marks or breakage from shipping, and ask you any questions.  I recommend you check each and every horse before mailing so when you receive them back you already know that mark was previously there.  I will photograph any markings or previous damage on the model when it arrives.

 Residing and Showing Process

 My table at the show is "guarded" by whoever attends the show with me, table buddies, and table neighbor.  The only time I am away from my table is when I am bringing a horse to the show table or if I have to pee!  I request to sit next to friends at the shows, so I can watch over their models as well.  If something does happen when THEY ARE IN MY POSESSION (ie. not shipping), I guarantee 100% that I will pay for the horse to be fixed completely.  I will ship the horse directly to the repairer of your choice, and pay for shipping directly back to your home.  I will not be responsible for damage and loss during shipping.  If you have a horse that has a special case, for example top heavy, repaired leg, broken tail, shoes, documentation, please let me know.  I have had horses in this condition come to me and I know how to handle them.

 Returning Home Process

When your horses are mailed home, it will be fully your choice as to what carrier you choose, but I am requiring insurance.  Different carriers have different requirements, so please read up on their process for insurance.  I will absolutely not be responsible for anything that happens during shipping, since they are not in my physical possession. (I know I've said that three times!)  If you can not get return shipping to me before the show is over, the horses will remain with me until you send me the money.  They will be safe and sound in my office until then.

I have proudly made a name for myself with showing others' models, and you can contact any and all of my references in regards to any concerns you might have.  I am friendly, honest, and a reliable person, but they can tell you that. :)

Please be sure to let me know of any requests or questions you have, either with your horses, shipping, or anything else you can think of.

I hope you take me into consideration for this opportunity to show for you.

Prices for Ashley's Proxy Showing Service

- Prices currently firm.
- I would be more then happy to participate in raffles, donations, and fun classes!
- I accept advertising at the show, for either your business or horses that are for sale. ** I will only advertise horses that are in my possession that are for sale. **
- Prices are for horses that are in my possession.  If you attend one (1) show it will be the same price as three (3) shows. **Unless the horses are shipped back and forth, and if some are dropped or added**.
- These prices are SEPARATE from the "proxy fee" required by the show itself.
All proceeds go to the trip: gas, hotel, & food!

$00.75 . . . PER OF / CM Plastic
$01.25 . . . PER OF / CM Resin & China
Sorry, I do not do performance at this time!
Holy moly, me at my first show back in 2008. I was nervous, can't you tell?
Medallion from SR <3
Deckerette <3
'Mister Springer' from KS <3
'Continuance of Shows' by KS <3
SM set and Model Rack from AP! <3
Deckerette and me!