The Sales Pages is where you can see everything I have to offer at the moment!
-- I accept PayPal, just click "Buy Now" to purchase a model, or email me.  I can also accept Money Orders, please let me know if you want to go that route.  I accept personal checks, but will wait until the check clears to send the model.
-- Payment is expected to be received a week from the agreement date.  If special circumstances arise please don't hesitate to let me know, I'm easy on waiting on a payment for a couple extra days becuase I know life gets in the way sometimes.  I will not wait months unless it is time payments.
-- I ship ONLY UPS, which includes insurance (FOR LOSS) and tracking.  I ship everyday UPS is open.  Shipping and handling will be $10, and is included in the price since its "Buy Now".  I will not refund over shipping because anything extra goes towards gas and supplies, neither are cheap!
-- I do not accept refunds unless the model is not what you expected or not described correctly.  I will not pay return shipping.  If a model is broke during shipping, I will not be responsible, I photograph the model before I ship it so I know what it looks like before I send.  If a horse is broken when it arrives to you, I can refund you 1/2 and have the model returned to me.  I will not refund if you keep the model.
-- I accept trades for what is on my wish list, but you can send me what you would like to trade.  You will send the model first, because I have applicable references that will reassure you that you will receive your half of the trade.  I have read too many scams lately and I am not going to be a victim.
-- I accept time payments on any purchase and any price amount, because I know money is tight these days.  Please email me for some more information.

So all in all, if you do not agree with any of my terms, please don't make me pull my hair out and ask for some leniency.  I am not one to mess with childish purchases, we are adults here, please don't scam!  It doesn't make anyone's day any better.  I stress this because a close friend of mine has been repetitively scammed and I am sick of it.


I am desperately seeking an UNPAINTED or BODY QUALITY of the following Artist Resins:

Justin Tyme