Ok -- I finished ALL the cards.  It wasn't that bad actually.  Luckily I have a pen that I just LOVE (Foray Medium Pt.) and breezed right through them. Here's my pen, because I love posting pictures, it makes my Blog look interesting ;) (I didn't mind doing this at ALL. I originally thought I would be fast and print everything out.. then I said nah.. lol)
I didn't know they have other colors.. I only use the Black ones, but I now NEED those other colors, especially PINK!

But before the storm starts and scares me under my bed, look at this shizzle:
Can you guess what class took up the most room?  Seriously, write it in a comment (free, just need your F&L name and email if you want) and if the first one to get it right will win a free proxy service for the next show in Florida. "First" proxies can participate, you know who you are, but I'll give the prize to the first paying proxy ;)

I still have one proxy who hasn't sent me anything, and I'm not sure if she'll make it in time, but that's alright.  I'll be happy with the amount I have now! I really raked in the customers this time, and am really surprised at how many of them actually LOVE my service.  Its pretty cool to find someone to trust that can handle your expensive things. I've even made TWO ARs out of the process!! (and Rice Cakes, but she was more a Christmas Present!) Now that I raked in 7, I think, NEW names, my references will be oozing reliability.  I'd really love to meet everyone face to face.  I'm friends on Facebook with a majority, and I've met two in person. I also believe I can trust them as well to send out to them!  It would be a great exchange.  It's a little cheeper and profitable if I show them, but sending away is always great for seeing different judges and competition.  One of the finalists for Overall Champion at the last show was one of my proxies, who she said up north the horse didn't place at all. Hmm.. Makes you wonder!

If they read this, I want to give a shout out to Susan, Natalie, and Stephanie. You three really made MITS happen for me this year and there isn't anything I can do to express how much it means to me.  They are very kindhearted ladies and I am so glad to have serviced them.  I am glad to have all the friends I've squeezed out from these plastic ponies: Laura, Kate, and Amanda, to name the closest ones.

Lets see, thats all I can think about for now.

OH! Chris isn't going to the Ohio school next month (YAY!), we think they're scammers.  I mean, its totally a legit school, we went up there and everything, but they've been pushing and pushing and poking and poking to get Chris's Dad & his own financial information.  They asked for Chris's Dads W2s today, and that's illegal. But in all reality.. Chris doesn't need to go to that school; he has his degree, and all the experience he would get from going to that school he can get from working on a race team.  It's just the title of the program he would be going into is all he would get.  So that relieves SO MUCH STRESS of him leaving next month.  That means he'll be here for our 4 years!  I plan on smothering him in Vday crap.  Last year was nice, but.. long story.. after i figured out something, it totally ruined it.

ANYWAY! Thanks for reading through my life loyal readers.

Oh snap, I never posted video/pictures of JD and me riding, here you go!
Oh, this is hilarious.. I have Petz Hamsterz Life 2 for Nintendo DS and my hamster flipped out of its wheel! Hahaha

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