I haven't looking at Model Horse Review (Shawn and my website for reviews on models) in SO LONG!  I have email on my phone, and all the reviews and photos being sent to me is clogging everything up!  So I went and tried to upload some Strapless pictures and such.  My phone froze when I was trying to forward the photos to me.  Now its shutting off my phone and just making it go CRAZY! >.<

BUT in happier news, RRRUL is only 3 DAYS AWAY! I am so freaking excited, and my work isn't even NEAR done!  I haven't received 30 horses, they're still in the mail and really worrying me.  Its not a big deal since I don't have a job or anything (still searching..), but I have to do their classes and cards.  I hope they arrive today!

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