This past weekend was fun! I am so burnt/tan, it’s awesome!  I need to go exercise more so I am ready for the summer.  I can’t believe it’s only February and were in the 80’s. I love it! :P Saturday was the DRIVE4COPD race, and Chris and I went for a while.   We didn’t stay for the entire thing, because it was so hot and I usually don’t do very well in the heat.  We received Sprint Tower tickets, so we were way up there in the second section of bleachers!  We could see the entire track, even them going around the backstretch.  There were a couple of crashes, but nothing that was like.. OMG! A couple were right in front of us.  We parked about 1.4 miles away from the track, and had to take a freakin’ bus back and forth. >.<
On Sunday we went to Geneva for autocross.  He drove the RX8, for the hell of it, and I felt SO MUCH SAFER IN THAT! The 7 doesn’t have airbags, locking seatbelts, and the tires are 8 years old.  So do you blame me for liking the 8 better?  I rode with him 3 times (which I’ve never done in the 7) and took pictures of him for his last run.  He came in 4th out of 7 people, which is pretty good for driving a car he doesn’t entirely know its limits and how it drives. He described it has “having no feeling in the steering” compared to the 7.
On our way there and back there’s a ton of horse farms and pastures.   I almost cried, because we pass by Decker’s old place, not directly but the area, and I am just so determined to have a horse one day that it’s quite scary.  I’ve ridden a variety of sizes and breeds, and I’m thinking a TB is good for me.  Trained correctly and rode enough, they can be pretty responsive and willing.   I am thinking about Ricky, and I do wonder whatever happened to him.  He was owned by a barn, and when they barn sold they got rid of most of the old horses that were there…

On another depressing note, I didn’t get the jobs at the humane society.  I applied for the intake receptionist and animal care. I called today and was told that they already found someone on Friday.  So I searched through Craigslist and found a pet sitting company that is hiring. I have to drive all the way to the hospital to get my shot records, so hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow after class and won’t have any problems.

My horses should be arriving at Susan’s tomorrow, and I’m dreading but anxiously awaiting the email from her that they all arrived safely.  I’ll be devastated if anyone is broken.  I put damage/loss insurance on them, so they’ll be fixed.  I wrapped them in toilet paper, pouch, and layers of bubble wrap and snowman poop. I felt confident that I could drop them and they would be alright.  Well, I could do that for the Minis, probably not the Classic and Trads.

Well, that’s all for now, I’ve talked my fingers off and I feel like cleaning my room or eating something.  I probably should go for a jog though, I need my exercise!

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