Wow, how long has it been??  Well, here’s an update!

I work for two horse barns now, one is local, and the other is about 30 minutes away.  The one that local is rented, and has all Warmbloods.  They are in training for Dressage and Jumping, and they’re all drop dead gorgeous!  I am getting lessons from the trainer, and plan on taking full advantage of that.

The other place is my cousins’ husbands’ parent’s place, where he keeps two of his horses.  He doesn’t have the time to go out and care for them, so he’s going to pay me to do it!  They’re QHs, and haven’t been ridden in years, so I’m going to work with them ever so often.

I’m not happy at Manny’s, they don’t seem to treat me right, and the fact that they’re looking for additional waitresses and I’m on “probation” for three months really just pisses me off. SO, I applied at Houligans, and turns out, they want an interview! I’ll probably be more eligible for the Hostess job, but who knows.  Anything to get me away from Manny’s would be great.

In Model Horse News for me, I have a couple horses coming my way.  Shot of Crown should be here today, painted to look like Crown Atop A Royal done by Kris, I am so excited to see her! I’ve waited a long time, and the wait was totally worth it.

Next is Ricky bo Bicky, being painted by Carla on the Wyatt AR foal.  Hes going to be a baby chestnut, instead of an adult colored chestnut. Not sure what color that’s going to be, but I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever Carla whips up for me. I think I already told you this, but I’m telling you again, because I’m so excited!

Next I purchased a Summer Symphony from a proxy friend.  She’s a minimal sabino chestnut, and just drop dead gorgeous.  She’s with the artist to get fixed up from a couple dings on her body, but then she should be coming to live with me!  I need to send out my MO for her.

Pictures of everything soon to come!!

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